Dr. Nalaka Godahewa

Sri Lanka is looking forward to create an investor friendly environment with the focus on further opening up of the economy to attract foreign direct investment and provide equal facilities to foreign and local investors.

Through such initiative, it is expected that the inflows will witness an unprecedented increase with wide scale Investments from around the world. Even though there is an investment declining trend world-wide due to the global pandemic, the economies have now started showing signs of rejuvenation. In such situation, our government too has taken measures to meet the global challenges and international competitiveness effectively. Our investment policies, supported by investment growth strategies, provide comfort to prospective investors for continuation of Investment regime.

The Urban Development Authority throughout its journey has involved in significant programmes nationally prioritized in order to systematically beautify and develop urban areas throughout the island with the assistance of all government institutions. Further, it plays a major role in attracting investors both local and foreign for the betterment of the country as it is in control of a vast number of real estate resources.

I acknowledge the hard work of the Urban Development Authority in achieving the National Policy Framework ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor’ while its efforts towards achieving a planned, sustained and adorned urbanization despite going through the difficult times. I wish them success in achieving higher results and working together as a strong team for the benefit of the country.

Dr. Nalaka Godahewa

State Minister of Urban Development, Waste Disposal

and Community Cleanliness


Mr. Sirinimal Perera

It is well-known that our country is an investment destination, which offers investor friendly policies with the commitment to resolve and enhance the business competitiveness in the region.

Despite the downturn in the global economy, Sri Lanka has experienced improvements in the return of foreign investments. It is typical for a developing country, such as ours, to be faced by challenges. However, international investors appreciate the efforts of Sri Lanka. Hence, it lays the path for accelerating a fast-paced growth. Further, the Government of Sri Lanka also lays great emphasis on sustainable economic development and, therefore, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will play a fundamental role in energizing Sri Lanka’s economy. Thus, the Urban Development Authority intends to further our endeavors and mobilize private investments, both domestic and foreign. Our strategy, complementing our robust FDI framework, will lead not only to non-financial contributions that come along with FDI but also to increased economic development.


Systematically, we aim to streamline and formalize business procedures and to elevate Sri Lanka’s ranking in global rankings and increase global competitiveness. In order to do so, the Urban Development Authority as one of the premier investment promotion bodies in the country actively engages and facilitates the flow of FDI in the country while being responsible for attracting, facilitating and promoting both local and foreign investment as it is the key planning authority and the holder of a vast number of real estate resources.

The Urban Development Authority continues to navigate through challenges and realize the country’s vision for a better tomorrow for our future generations. Although we do not underestimate the difficulties and obstacles that may be involved, we look forward to earnestly cherish the opportunity to take the country in to new heights. We are focused on making Sri Lanka a hub for global business activities across diverse sectors, and we are excited to invite global companies to establish their presence in Sri Lanka to make the most of this opportunity.


Mr. Sirinimal Perera


State Ministry of Urban Development, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness


Major General (Retd). Udaya Bandula Nanayakkara

Sri Lanka is at the cross roads of the fastest growing economies in the world. The tropical climate beautiful beaches, incredible food and haven for history is the reason to include the South Asian country on any ones travel wish list. With its unique geo-strategic location, skilled human resources and a huge untapped growth potential, Sri Lanka is looking forward to unleash a decade of growth taking advantage of its inherent strengths and global supply chain shifts. Hence, it provides attractive incentives and profuse policies for vast investment opportunities in many sectors of the economy for foreign and local investors to thrive lucrative returns.

We, the Urban Development Authority as the apex planning authority in the country responsibly involve in achieving a better Sri Lanka envisioned by the National Policy Framework ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor’. The Urban Development Authority has an edge to provide equal opportunities to foreign and local investors as we are backed by a vast number of real estate resources, necessary legal provisions, modern technologies and a capable staff.  Further, we vigilantly strive to significantly involve in the Government, the policy leader’s role to facilitate investors to enhance ease of doing business.

We are focused on making Sri Lanka a hub for global business activities across diverse sectors, and we are excited to invite investors to make their businesses a success in the most lucrative investment destination of the world.

Major General (Retd) Udaya Nanayakkara


Urban Development Authority


Plnr. Mr. N. P. K. Ranaweera

The Urban Development Authority (UDA), the key planning and implementation body in the country, which is at the forefront of social, economic, environmental and physical progress is also known to be one of Sri Lanka’s premier investment promotion bodies, responsible for attracting, facilitating and promoting both local and foreign investment in Sri Lanka.

Thus far, the Urban Development Authority has engaged in diversified investment opportunities through a number of significant real estate development projects as it holds the sole authority on declared urban areas. Further, many real estate development projects under main clusters; Real Estate & Township, Hospitality & Leisure, Logistic & Business Parks, and Residential Apartments are in the process to be implemented hand in hand with investors on the basis of lease or public private partnership in the coming years. This would aid the investors to opt for the top investment options and diversify the investment portfolio for maximizing returns and minimizing associated risk.

In order to ensure that investors are provided an eased environment for investing and doing business, the Urban Development Authority has brought forward a centralized promotion and facilitation center ‘One Stop Unit’ which is intended to expedite the necessary clearances and approvals from relevant line agencies concurrently through one platform. It definitely expedites the planning and development process through a more holistic, efficient and effective decision-making process. Further, as the Urban Development Authority holds the key statutory powers to manage urban declared areas, it assures that rapid urbanization is controlled and guided through regularly updated regulations and guidelines based on the context to offer better opportunities for investors. On the other hand, all essential systems and facilities that allow the smooth flow of the investments are provided by the Authority up to the project site as well as developing and completely upgrading seaports around the island, the international airports, roads in the city of Colombo and highways connecting to other parts of the country and power and telecommunication facilities.

We believe, such initiatives will encourage investors to look in to investment avenues that could be expanded around the island and beyond borders in order to leap forward to achieve consistent and high returns.

Plnr. Mr. N. P. K. Ranaweera

Director General

Urban Development Authority